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Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

Come and join this new adventure of exploration and discovery.

All my presentations, seminars and workshops are grounded in the philosophy and frameworks of The Way of the Peaceful Traveller.

Guided explorations within welcoming, fun and engaging environments permit exploration and discovery of self and otherness through reflective and interactive activities and discussions.


Everyone is invited to dive below the surface and engage in introspection and deeper questioning.

​All my work and engagements are designed to be relevant to all fellow life travellers who are keen to enrich their insights and life skills by drawing on travel as the vehicle for learning. 


Some examples of topics I have listed below:

Insightful Relationship: Travel & Peace
  • Combining your outer and inner journeys through life that take place no matter where we are from or where we travel to.

  • Coming to know the multiple perspectives of harmony and peace and the relationship of these to all your travels and your daily life at home.

Emotional Literacy and Feelings
  • Developing your emotional literacy and discover your emotional guiding patterns and their impact on your relationship with ourselves and others.

  • Exploring your emotions and feelings along your travels and add extra shades of colour to your life experiences.

Needs and Values
  • Exploring the hidden needs and values behind travel choices, and connect with the needs and values of others along your journey through life.

  • Rediscovering your travel's special moments and their empowering meanings for your daily life upon returning home, and your future aspirations.

Rewarding Cultural Encounters
  • Widening your understanding of cultural complexities and how cultures influence your world view and your travel experiences  through life

  • Exploring your own cultural personal backgrounds, your cultural values, and their impact on your thinking, feelings, and actions as you travel through life.

 Stereotypes and Diversity
  • Discovering the power of stereotypes and their influence on your thoughts, feelings and actions during your travels and throughout life.

  • Strengthening your empathy for difference and cherish the rewarding qualities and virtues of diversity that exist in others and yourself.

Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

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