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Presentations, Seminars & Workshops

The Way of the Peaceful Traveller

Dare to Care and Connect

​Seminars and workshops are designed to inspire and develop critical mindfulness as a way to nourish a culture of mutual care and peace, not just in our travels to distant lands but in our daily lives at home.

Within a welcoming, fun and engaging environment participants are invited on a journey of exploration, introducing relevant theoretical concepts and frameworks using the context of travel as a vehicle for transformative learning.

Reflective activities and introspection assist in connecting the new insights to real-life experiences. This permits a deeper discovery of self and otherness. Participants are able to create relevance and meaning by viewing life from different perspectives and build knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complexities of living, working and travelling in our globalised world.

Rediscover who you are and who you want to be.

Be a positive change agent and

lead by example. 

Who want to:

  • Enjoy the beauty of diversity within themselves and the world they live, work, and travel in.

  • Strengthen their personal sense of empowerment to be able to extend and receive empathy, tolerance and respect.

  • Create a solid base for goal setting, decision making and conflict resolution.

  • Communicate in a more respectful and compassionate manner both with themselves and others

  • Feel more enlightened and confident in fostering and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships.

Are perfect for:

  • Every individual and organisation keen to foster critical mindfulness, harmony, and peaceful co-existence. 

  • Curious and adventurous tourists and travellers who are looking to add more layers to their explorative journeys in life.

  • Representatives from across all sectors of the travel and tourism industry interested in gaining additional insights for successful relationships and customer service management.
  • Students and members of educational institutions who wish to explore their travel experiences as a means to elevate their wisdom.

  • Participants and managers in sports and recreation who value team spirit and harmonious relationships on and off the field.

Presentation, Seminar and Workshop Topics

  • Explore the concept of travel and peace as a way to connect your outer and inner life journeys.

  • Get in touch with emotions and feelings and discover their relevance in decision making and actions.

  • Venture into the world of individual values, beliefs, assumptions and established habits - before, during and after our travel

  • View the concept of culture and the influence of cultural values beyond the traditional geographic and demographic boundaries.

  • Consider diversity from different perspectives, not only in the world around us but also within ourselves.

  • Highlight the potential danger of stereotypes with their inherent contribution to prejudice, discrimination and persecution.

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