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"...It's thought leadership at its best." 
Prof. Dr. Dianne Dredge

"...a must read not only for travellers."
Prof. Dr. Arndt Zschiesche 

"...connect with yourself and others...that is where you find real peace..."
Csaba Toth, Founder ICQ Global 

The Way of the Peaceful Traveller - Dare to Care and Connect

Welcome to The Cultural Angle 

We are living, working and travelling in an interconnected world where new mindsets are called for with value systems and actions that demonstrate mutual care in our aspirations

for inner and outer peace.

Come and join me

in the adventure of

The Way of the Peaceful Traveller - Dare to Care and Connect.  

Take the lead and be a changemaker

no matter the role you play in your daily life - at home, at work, in business, or in politics - 

Get in touch for guest presentations, seminars, and workshops

where travel serves as the vehicle for

transformative learning.

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