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The Way of the Peaceful Traveller

Dare to Care and Connect

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This book is an invitation for the open-minded human beings who believe that this beautiful world should do better and that we all can contribute to this.

Discover The Way of the Peaceful Traveller, where travel and tourism serve as an exciting, transformative learning vehicle for personal individual growth, inner reflection, and “flying” out of your very own comfort zone. Be aware: this book’s journey is interactive—although you may be sitting comfortably at home, your mind will travel far.

Join Dr. Birgit Trauer, social-psychologist in the domain of travel and tourism, on this inspiring written journey of discovery, where she invites you to combine your own life’s travel experiences with insights and research from the wide fields of philosophy, psychology and sociology.

Connect in theory and practice with your critical mindfulness, emotional and cultural intelligence, and compassionate communication style.

Venture into the world of emotions and feelings, of needs and values, and connect more intimately with their significance in your life. Illuminate and examine the ideas of culture and stereotypes, and discover the beauty of diversity, within you and around you.

Explore the relationship of living and travelling in this intertwined world of ours from different perspectives—a world where we are all travellers and co-creators in the adventure of life, a world where the joy of travel is as much about the art of travel as it is about the art of living together.

Rethink, regenerate, and reconnect with what is important—for you, for society, and the environment at large. Embrace the joy of opportunities and welcome the new. Lead the way for a culture of care and peace.

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