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Travel, Diversity & Peace

Travel is something that is on almost everyone’s mind these days in some way or another. We all travel for different reasons and to different places depending on the dynamics in our lives, getting exposed to all kinds of diversity.

The joy and challenges of diversity may be what we are seeking consciously as adventurous life travelers - or it may be something that we have not really thought about until we encounter it serendipously.


Diversity in all its variety and intensity may excite and stimulate us –

or it may confront us and make us feel uncomfortable,

insecure and fearful.

Our fears influence our perceptions, our attitudes and behavior with the potential to lead to misunderstanding, disconnection and potential conflict. It is the unknown or what we don’t know enough about that makes us feel vulnerable.


When we travel unconsciously through life it may be difficult to see the beauty of diversity that surrounds us, and that which we carry within us. However, when we choose to travel mindfully we are able to embrace diversity in all its splendor.

No matter where we travel from or to, or the reasons for our travels throughout our lives, living in a world of global interconnectedness we all have an impact on each other.

We are all co-creators in our life experiences,

including experiences of peaceful co-existence


We can choose to travel with a focus on peace as captured by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism below.

  • Peace and tranquillity within ourselves.

  • Peace with others - mutual understanding and harmony among people and nations.

  • Peace with nature and our common home – planet earth.

  • Peace with past generations – respecting cultures, heritage and achievements of past generations.

  • Peace with future generations – through sustainable lifestyles and practices.

  • Peace with our Creator – by practicing the universal principle of all faiths and humanism.

      (D'Amore, 2014)

The above highlights the importance for each of us to be grateful for the opportunity to travel; that to travel and experience the beauty of the world we live in is a privilege; and that as travellers we all have rights and responsibilities. It reminds  us that


Peace begins with the individual.


Peace finds expression in our attitudes and behaviour of care: that of self-care, other-care and mutual care. When our focus of attention rests on mutual care and peace we create a sense of trust and a sense of belonging in a positive climate of diversity and inclusiveness. 

Come and join me.

Embrace diversity  and contribute to

personal and societal health and well-being, social cohesion and peace.

Photo by Marcia Rolfs

Portrait of the Global Family by Padre Johnson for IIPT

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