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Welcome to my website

I have set up The Cultural Angle as a boutique consultancy to encourage greater critical mindfulness and sustainable travel and tourism practices by all stakeholders. At the core of these aspirations lies my belief that we are all travellers and visitors to mother Earth, able to be role models for a culture of peace while travelling to distant lands and also while at home.

This is not a new idea and is something that I contemplated already in 2002 when I presented a paper at the First Pacific-Rim Conference on Leisure Education in Hawaii, proposing informal and non-formal means of learning avenues to inspire mindful and caring tourists and travellers.

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We all live in a world of relentless mobility and multicultural societies where travel and tourism are ever more part of the constant dynamics of change in our global life system. No matter the reasons for our travels, all of us are travellers throughout life, co-creating our own life experiences and those of others. We all have an impact on each other and our environment, both of positive and negative nature.

While travel and tourism is regarded as the catalyst for enjoyable and enriching experiences, economic benefits and greater mutual understanding, travel and tourism can also have negative impacts. Travel and tourism can also create cultural anxiety and disconnections between tourists and host communities, among all kinds of travellers, and societies at large. Travel is, and always has been very much a cultural practice, with the diversification of tourism products and service offerings a reflection of the dynamics of its time and place.

Governmental organisations, NGOs and private industry representatives have been actively engaged in promoting and implementing the concepts of sustainable tourism and peaceful travel since the 1980s (eTN 2016).

However, there is still growing potential for directly targeting the tourists and travellers as active participants and contributors through campaigns and programs in the overall aspiration of responsible and conscious travel and tourism in support of peace-oriented travel and co-existence.

Travel has been recognised as part of individuals’ social worlds and for its therapeutic and cathartic potential. It provides a motivating context as a transformative learning avenue for greater sensitivity and appreciation of our established ways of seeing, doing, and being.

Along with many other like-minded and like-hearted individuals and organisations, I believe that we all can be champions and ambassadors for more harmonious relationships, and a more connected and caring world where:

The Joy of Travel

is not just

The Art of Travel


The Art of Living Together

~ Birgit

© The Cultural Angle - July 2016

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