Forthcoming Book

My forthcoming book is scheduled to be published

at the end of October 2020.

Here is a short summary. 

Updates to come soon.


of the


Dare to Care and Connect


Immerse yourself in an adventure of self-discovery.


Travel in mind and soul and discover and enjoy the transformative power of travel. Explore the richness of your life’s travel experiences and view the relationship between your inner and outer journeys from different perspectives.


Reawaken your desires for human connection - for living and travelling in this intertwined world of ours – a world where we are all co-creators in the adventure of life – a world where


the joy of travel is as much about the art of travel

as it is about the art of living together.


Discover The Way of the Peaceful Traveller, a philosophical and a practical approach that encourages you to pause and reflect on the where, when, who and what, and importantly, the how and why of our travels and the way we relate to each other, at home and in distant lands.  


Join Dr Birgit Trauer on this inspiring journey of discovery where she shares her insights and perspectives as a social-psychologist in the domain of travel and tourism, while also drawing on research from within the wider fields of psychology and sociology, including emotional and cultural intelligence, and compassionate communication.


Nourish your wisdom for rebuilding our individual and collective resilience, happiness, and wellbeing. Venture into the world of empathy, emotions, and feelings, of needs and values. Illuminate and examine the ideas of culture and stereotypes and enjoy the beauty of diversity, including cognitive and emotional diversity, within you and around you.


Develop your critical mindfulness, that of a thoughtful heart and a caring mind. Reignite your curiosity as a thoughtful and responsible traveller. Rethink, regenerate, and reconnect with what is important - for you, for society, and the environment at large. 


Lead the way. Embrace the joy of opportunities and welcome the new. Be an advocate for a culture of respect and mutual care, a culture of peace.

Dare to Care and Connect

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