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Travel is being pursued by an ever-growing number of us globally for a multitude of reasons. And so is fitness. 

Generally, the word fitness is associated with our physical health and wellbeing. We know from research that physical fitness helps us live a healthier life, to be more resilient in coping with life’s demands, to feel better about ourselves, to share fun with others and gain more enjoyment out of life.  

  • But what about our fitness that extends beyond the physical?

  • What about our fitness that helps us appreciate who we are, who we want to be, our aspirations, hopes and dreams?

  • What about our fitness that helps us foster nourishing and rewarding connections and relationships throughout our lives?


We are all complex human beings from immensely diverse socio-cultural and economic 

backgrounds with our own personal experiences of varying emotional intensities.


Living, working and traveling in a world where our actions are seen to communicate our values, beliefs and attitudes, our human need for fitness extends beyond the physical in our aspirations for happiness, well-being and peaceful co-existence.

We need Cultural Fitness

- by Dr. Birgit Trauer - 

The term Cultural Fitness was chosen to reflect the fact that cultures are seen as powerful sources that influence our thinking, feelings and actions.


Cultural Fitness is the Way of the Peaceful Traveler exploring and strengthening our cultural, emotional and communication ‘muscles’ to successfully navigate the challenges in happily living, working and traveling in our world of constant change.


Cultural Fitness highlights that cultures extend beyond borders, beyond geographical and demographic boundaries. It shines the light on all of us as life travelers, on our experiences full of emotions that are time and context specific, experiences that are unique with their own special meaning for each one of us.

Travel serves as the vehicle for perceptual learning 

and developing Cultural Fitness.

Developing Cultural Fitness is a journey that provides insight into  how and why we view the world around us and us in it, of how we approach and interact with ourselves, each other

and our environment. It is an exploration of the landscapes of acculturated habits, emotional guiding patterns and entrenched communication styles in the world we live, work and travel.

Our travels expose us to experiences of all kinds of diversity, of cultural differences and similarities shared.  They open the door for us to explore different lifestyles, different attitudes, different behaviour and different communication styles. 


Our travels invite us to step out of our comfort zones, to explore what we value most highly - to challenge ourselves and discover our zone of care. They allow us to connect with our intimate selves, our own ways of doing and being, our aspirations, hopes and dreams.


Come and join me and enjoy my unique integrated approach of Cultural Fitness and Travel.  Let me be your ‘fitness coach’ in viewing life from different perspectives that contribute to your own happiness and well-being, and that of others, at home and in far-away lands.

Get Fit - Travel Well

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